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iHydrant technology revolutionizes water systems, leveraging powerful real-time analytics and actionable insights to detect and prevent non-revenue water loss, maximize ROI and evolve the way your utility looks at water.

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What you don’t know about your water system could cost you.

Knowing the exact moment when your water system experiences a hydraulic event or rapid pressure fluctuations is critical. Using iHydrant® technology this is possible with instant alerts for pressure and temperature changes that fall outside of normal thresholds. Having insight in to your entire water distribution network can help you minimize and prevent water loss.  With iHydrant® you can track, analyze and isolate where, when and why problems occur. Resulting in quicker response times for repairs, prevention of major issues over time, and make data based decisions for capital improvements and asset management.

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WIC (Water Infrastructure Conference)
Portland, Oregon
September 11-14, 2022

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