Remote pressure and temperature monitoring for M&H 129 dry barrel hydrants.

Track pressure and temperature changes and get alerts at a moment’s notice via smart hydrant sensors deployed across your water system.


iHydrant® remote sensors for M&H 129 hydrants

Knowing the exact moment your water grid experiences a hydraulic event or is threatened by rapid pressure or temperature fluctuations is now possible via iHydrant® remote sensors for M&H hydrants. iHydrant® operates on a secure IoT network to transmit data to the cloud, which is then accessible on your utility’s hosted dashboard. iHydrant® allows you to monitor precise fluctuations in your water system in real time that reveal money-saving data and help you recapture non-revenue water.

Device Features

  • Operates on Verizon® IoT cellular network for instantaneous, long-distance data transmission.
  • Full-Time Pressure/Temperature monitoring in the lower valve of your dry barrel hydrant.
  • Available as a complete unit or retrofit for M&H 129 hydrants.
  • Long-life battery holds charge for up to five years before replacement.
  • Sensor picks up micro fluctuations in pressure and temp.
  • Capture data as often as 50x per second.

Your iHydrant® Dashboard

Your dashboard is the portal to your entire iHydrant® network. From here, you can see your data in real time for all devices, specific hydrant zones or one hydrant at a time.

iHydrant dashboard

iHydrant® Dashboard Features

  • Hosted remotely for anytime access with no downtime risk.
  • Accessible anywhere via desktop or mobile browser.
  • Create custom logins for multiple users.
  • Visual data collection for pressure and temperature, scalable down to the second.
  • Export your data for additional manipulation or on-site storage.
  • Set alerts for pre-defined events or to your own custom parameters.
  • Battery life and reception monitoring and reporting let you know when to check a unit or replace a battery.
mobile dashboard

“iHydrant® has been beneficial to the utility by identifying different hydraulic events that impact normal daily operations. This has resulted in lower response times for repairs and a reduction in lost revenue due to water losses. iHydrant® has also helped us to identify hydraulic conditions that are occurring in the distribution system that we were previously unaware of.”

Josh Wedding, City of Redmond Water Utilities Manager

Reduce non-revenue water with up-to-the-second data from your hydrant

iHydrant® is a feature-rich monitoring tool designed to save money through grid analysis, problem prevention and rapid-response mitigation.

  • Real-time, whole system feedback allows you to identify potential problem areas and proactively maintain the system to prevent main breaks before they occur.
  • Rapid alert systems provide notification in response to system changes, reducing utility response times and water losses.
  • Remote monitoring allows for more efficient human resource allocation and job efficiency, further reducing costs associated with the system.
pressure and temperature chart

With affordable one-time installation costs and low annual maintenance and support fees, iHydrant® can pay for itself by preventing or alerting you in real time of water loss events. Over time, iHydrant® will help reduce costs associated with water loss, becoming an integral part of your system.

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Committed to Environmental Responsibility

M&H Valve Company is committed to protecting our natural resources through environmentally responsible manufacturing practices, including the use of 80+% recycled content in our hydrants and valves.

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